Friday, November 19, 2010

mind the language.

i hate the fact that most of the time i forget things easily. i can't remember my own tumblr's password when i was excited to upload some photos i edited. *sucks isn't it?*

don't ask me who borrowed my books, my hard disk, my money - its not like i don't fucking care. it just that i forgot most of the times. and don't even try to ask me to remember your phone numbers, birth dates or even your name, your friend's name, your maiden's name - i can't remember.

am i sort of developing Alzheimer in my 20s? omg. but i think so.

i think 80% of my brain cells were dead. 10% i use for remembering every-odd-things-people-usually-doesn't-give-a-fuck.

10% are supposed for the recent memories which i think i lost it somewhere, or i think might be stolen by an alien or something.


i just need some brand new brain cells.

any-einstein's-brain out there who is too kind for brain cells donation?

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