Wednesday, August 10, 2011

kisah lama.

aku ingat lagi waktu dulu. sekitar tahun 2000. first time aku kenal kau even kita sekolah sebelah-sebelah for the past few years.

dengan kau, aku boleh cakap ape saja.

daripada benda extreme macam music, movie dan skateboard. sampailah soal hati.

masa berlalu aku tak pernah sangka lepas spm kau ckp "ini paper last kan? ape kau janji?"

tapi aku tolak mentah-mentah. sampai buat kau benci gila.

seriously years after that. aku rasa mcm aku hilang kawan, abang.

kali terakhir aku dgr kau ckp 2 tahun lepas.

lepas tu kau hilang.

amit, seriously aku mintak maaf tapi aku tak sanggup hilang kawan mcm kau.
aku tatau nak cari kau kat mana. :'(

*never take people for granted*

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

nescafe perosak buah pinggang?

selalu sangat baca blog orang, terpukul gak rasa. tak pernah aku post something yang berguna. reader pun lama2 makin chow. haishh.

ada one time orang kecoh2 pasal nescafe 3 in 1. katanya merosakkan buah pinggang, buat cungap-cungap berdebar-debarla sampai takleh solat (haish. tak khusyuk salahkan nescafe pulak lol)

meh nak cerita sikit pasal effect caffeine bagi semua clear. ni bukan effect nescafe 3 in 1 20 peket rm 10.90 tu saja, tapi merangkumi segala jenis mak nenek coffee tak kira la setarbak ke, kopibin je dan dll.

caffeine atau nama lainnya 1,3,7-trimethylxanthine, trimethylxanthine, methyltheobromine, 7-methyltheophylline, theine, mateine, guaranine *hah. amek. nak sebut pun tergeliat lidah* bertindak sebagai central nervous system stimulant yang mana akan menyebabkan kita jadi segar, tak lalok, tak mengantok especially di kala musim exam dan menyebabkan kita lebih alert.

selain daripada itu, caffeine juga adalah sejenis diuretik (diuretics) yang mana akan menyebabkan anda terkencing-kencing kalau terlebih minum caffeine.

sumber-sumber common untuk caffeine adalah: kopi, teh dan coklat yang diperbuat dari coffee bean (bukan jenama kopibin ok)

caffeine juga di percayai digunakan untuk merawat penyakit tidak boleh bernafas (apnoea) di dalam bayi pra matang.

bagaimana caffeine berfungsi?

ini boleh baca sendiri kat wikipedia. sebab kalau aku tulis balik pun, takut korang makin pening :)

side effect of caffeine?

main symptoms of caffeine overdose?

kalau dah agak-agak dah rasa macam-macam kat atas ni, sah-sah la korang dah overdose. kalau musim exam, jangan sampai terlebih minum caffeine sebab nanti korang takkan dapat tidur berkualiti. aku selalu kena macam ni. haha. korang ingat korang berdebar-debar sebab tak abis study la cemas la, sebenarnya korang dah terlebih minum coffee malam tadi.

so you decide. minum biar lah berpada-pada. jangan salahkan sesuatu produk 100%. kalau ada case control study or experimental study report yang official based on nescafe 3 in 1 memang menyebabkan buah pinggang rosak, baru aku boleh terima 100% kenyataan tu. other than that, kita memang tau side effect nya, tak bermakna minum 1 peket sehari, bangun esok pagi buah pinggang korang dah rosak.

so goodluck.

you are what you eat... or drink.


sumber: wikipedia

Houseman glut : Who to blame? by Naveen S Pillai

i am sharing one of my colleague's point of view :) spare some time to read it :)

I read with great interest over the recent issue pertaining the glut of houseman in hospitals throughout the country. To make things worse, almost every single Government hospital are now affiliated with medical schools throughout the country, which means the wards in the hospital are not only crowded by housemans, but also with eagerly awaiting medical students who wants to learn procedures. The questions is, how could the students learn when the housemen themselves are deprived with opportunities? It is the students who will soon become the houseman, serving the public. Now, we certainly do not want leave our people getting half-baked treatment. Doctors deal with life, the most precious of it all.

Over the 10 year period i have seen meteoric rise in the number of medical schools in our country.While i agree that the country needs more doctors, that certainly does not equate to mass production.It is sad to say that this was very much a problem that could be fixed,but people were ignorant and medicine is made into business.For centuries, people have viewed the profession of doctors as someone who is noble and caring. I can't guarantee the trend would continue in the upcoming years. Besides needing good grades in the academia, the medical school also develops the professionalism in the student. The first 2 years forms the fundamentals as the student is gradually exposed to wealth of knowledge to prepare for the more challenging clinical years. The next 3 years are most important years as a medical student as they are exposed to clinical settings where they met patient and apply their knowledge to arrive to a diagnosis. There should not be ANY short cut in this. All medical schools employ a similar method. However, what is actually happening is when there a sudden rise of students, we face with various problems such as lack of manpower and facilities, we eventually end up producing doctors who are ill-equipped with the essential skills to treat patients. As a country of mere 28 million in population, we currently have about 30 plus medical schools, one of the highest in the world. When all the institution starts producing their graduates, we are looking into about 4000 to 5000 doctors annually. Mind you, this does not include graduates from Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Czech Republic, and other recognized institution. The total sum many possibly may around 6000. There are more than 200 institution recognized abroad in Malaysia for medical degree. Do we really need so many institution being recognized? What measures are being taken to assess the quality of its graduates?Many of the schools do not even use English as a teaching medium, leaving us a big query pertaining the quality of the its degree.

So, could we blame our politicians for this problem? Everyone wants a moment of fame. In their opinion,by merely increasing the number of doctors, the healthcare industry would undergo a robust change that would translate into better delivery of services and outcome. When we argue, the counterattack would obviously by saying that doctors are wanting to "protect their turf". True enough, we do not want compete among each other. We respect our collegues, and ultimately we want the betterment of the health of our people. Imagine if doctors decide that (I hope not)-to lower the fares and the same time diluting the quality of services. They don't see whole picture, and they will be the ones who will going to New York or our southern neighbour to receive the "best" treatment.Paradoxical? Plus there is establishment of the 1 Malaysia clinic- MAs are already taking some of the jobs of doctors. Numbers are being increased, and now our jobs are going to be deprived? What is the direction that we are heading to?

Government hospitals too should be selective when it comes to choosing the houseman. After all, they do the most work in the hospital. The 2 year period should be maximally utilized. The HODs in each department should constantly keep in track about the underperforming houseman along with their institution. A annual report should be sent to the MMC to assess the standard of the institutions, and it should be made neutral. I was told that some foreign institution uses very simplistic approach even for the final year examination. One collegue even claimed that clinical exposure was very minimal, and only select cases are shown. This is a very wrong approach as we doctors see patients who comes with various types of illness.

It is my sincere hope that everyone involved will look into this matter urgently. We do not want to be labelled as "a mass manufacturer" of doctors by other nations. Worst, we do not want people to pursue medicine as a spectator sport.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


kalau semua perasan lately in november (through out the whole month) bulan nampak sangat-sangatlah cantik. FULL MOON! auuuuuuuu *sound coming from werewolf -.-

semalam try utk capture full moon tersebut. but since takde camera. i mean adalah camera but not really a camera - camera phone. ok fine sedey bukan.

so nak dijadikan cerita, try la capture *tengah drive ok time ni* yang dapat di capture adalah lampu-lampu jalan dan kereta. -.-" hampeh.

nanti aku upload gambar tu sebab masih ada dalam phone.

Friday, November 19, 2010

mind the language.

i hate the fact that most of the time i forget things easily. i can't remember my own tumblr's password when i was excited to upload some photos i edited. *sucks isn't it?*

don't ask me who borrowed my books, my hard disk, my money - its not like i don't fucking care. it just that i forgot most of the times. and don't even try to ask me to remember your phone numbers, birth dates or even your name, your friend's name, your maiden's name - i can't remember.

am i sort of developing Alzheimer in my 20s? omg. but i think so.

i think 80% of my brain cells were dead. 10% i use for remembering every-odd-things-people-usually-doesn't-give-a-fuck.

10% are supposed for the recent memories which i think i lost it somewhere, or i think might be stolen by an alien or something.


i just need some brand new brain cells.

any-einstein's-brain out there who is too kind for brain cells donation?


euw buruknya blog ni. bersawang. dengan iklan2 spam. haishhh. hidup teramatlah busy. exam. RAYA. exam lagi. RAYA lagi. so nampak tak kebusyan tu? busy sungguh bukan?

btw. dah lebih sebulan afiq pergi mekah untuk tunaikan haji. sekarang ni mak aku kata, dah waktu orang bermalam di mina, lontar jamrah. aku macam tak dapat bayang sangat macam mana keadaan nya *cetek nya ilmu aku :(* but selalu tengok dalam tv and tanya pada papa dan mama.

semua org dalam family aku dah pegi buat umrah. aku? belum ada rezeki lagi. aku tanya mama if boleh tak nak daftar haji. mama kata, boleh. tapi mesti ada muhrim. so sekarang if kakak and abg ipar aku daftar haji, aku plan nak ikut daftar sekali. di panggil atau tidak, tu kan rezeki. doa-doa dapatlah aku jadi tetamu Allah nanti.

hari raya haji tahun ni sama macam raya-raya haji tahun lepas. memandangkan aku budak johor, kami taklah sambut raya haji semeriah mana. setakat makan lodeh pagi, then tengok orang qurban. tu je lah. but still, good to be back home masa raya.

aku rasa aku ada depression. anhedonia sepanjang zaman. haishh. sorry. aku patut delete blog ni -.-

Friday, October 15, 2010






beri aku keping-keping hati kamu. akan aku simpan buat kenangan masa hadapan.